Sweeten your life with chocolates from all over the world. Do you already know the newest type of chocolate? Ruby chocolate? The exciting new chocolate from Callebaut. Not milk, dark or white, but ruby. Naturally pink from the ruby ​​cocoa bean and with a natural berry taste. Be the first to test. Get your test bag.

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Britain’s most comprehensive source for the best chocolate. ‘Highly Recommended’ by BBC Good Food Magazine by Orlando Murrin, this award-winning website features over 150 types of premium and gourmet chocolates. Perfect for a chocolate gift or for pure enjoyment! Gift cards and next-day delivery are available.www.chocolatetradingco.com

Company personalized baskets

A range of luxury chocolate baskets that can be fully personalized with your own branding and marketing message. Personalization can include the chocolates inside the basket or just the outer decorative packaging, the choice is yours. Our luxury chocolate baskets are suitable for a variety of giveaways and after-sales scenarios and with our high-quality chocolates and polished presentation (all baskets are handmade and hand-finished here) you can count on making a lasting impression. 

The many options include a choice of a sturdy box or wicker baskets, as well as a range of wines, prosecco, and champagne, which are also included. If you would like to insert your logo or your advertising message in a luxury chocolate basket, please do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 01625 508224 for individual chocolate inquiries. Please call us on 01625 508224 or email [email protected] with any questions about personalized chocolate baskets and we’ll walk you through the different options to suit your budget and time frame.

We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions for your unique chocolate needs. Due to our in-house design and printing, our turnaround time is much shorter than usual and we often work to tight deadlines. We supply personalized chocolate products across the UK and internationally. 

Chocolates for every occasion

Sending chocolate gifts in the mail couldn’t be easier. We have an extensive selection of chocolate gifts to choose from online, be it for a birthday, anniversary, or as a simple thank you to show your appreciation. Choose from chocolate gift boxes, gift baskets, champagne, or funny chocolate novelties for a unique chocolate gift. A fully tracked delivery is available from just £ 3.95 with the option to have a specific date delivery.


We offer a free gift message with every order.

Reduce waste! Enjoy perfect chocolate!

Benefit from our reduced to clear, short-term, and expired chocolates. Enjoy massive savings on perfectly good chocolate. All of our chocolates are reduced when their best before date is approaching, reached, or exceeded, and in order to avoid unnecessary waste of a flawless product – we leave the choice to you. Please note that these chocolates have a best-before date, not until they are consumed, and can therefore also be enjoyed after the specified best-before date has expired. Short-term sales of chocolates are very limited and have always been very popular with our customers. Please note that they sell out quickly.

Make, bake and decorate

Choose from inexpensive special quality chocolate ingredients to make your own chocolate truffles, cakes, and chocolate desserts. Decorate chocolate cakes and cupcakes with our luxurious chocolate decorations such as the popular chocolate cigarillos & curls or the unique decorations from enameled chocolate bars and chocolate roses & flowers. Have a dinner party? Save yourself the stress of preparing your chocolate desserts with our range of chocolate cups for easy filling and decoration.

Many of our chocolate decorations online are available in bulk at retail prices or in smaller pack sizes. So they are great if you are decorating a single cake at home for a special occasion. Also suitable for small bakeries. If you want to find out more about it, please visit our website. Sweeten your day today. Or are you looking for THE perfect gift? You have come to the right place with us.Chocolate Trading Company An award-winning Chocolate Trading Company website that offers the broadest retail selection of premium chocolates from around the world, from over 15 leading chocolatiers.

All chocolate categories are available from Single Origin gourmet bars to stylishly assorted gift boxes and unique novelties. Choose from guaranteed next-day gift delivery, standard UK shipping, and worldwide delivery are all available. All orders can be personalized with a selection of gift cards, including up to 25 words for your message.

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